Monday, March 3, 2014

Video interview with BankInfoSecurity, plus "Down the Rabbit Hole" podcast episode

Here's a 12 minute interview of me by Tracy Kitten (@BnkInfoSecurity), filmed at the RSA Conference last week:

(click to open a new page for with video)
Topics discussed:
  • The difference between "performance" and "best practices"
  • How big data is expected to revolutionize information security (some myth busting)
  • Where innovation will be coming from, and where it won't
  • Why encouraging security professionals to pursue training in statistics and data visualization is so critical

But wait...there's more!  Here's a link to episode 82 of the Down the Rabbit Hole podcast, where I'm a guest along with Bob Blakely and Lisa Leet.  (Here's the podcast itself in mp3 file format -- 43:15 in length.) From Rafal's summary, here's what we talk about:

  • Does is make sense, in a mathematical and practical senes, to look for 'probability of exploit'? 
  • How does 'game theory' apply here? 
  • How do intelligent adversaries figure into these mathematical models? 
  • Is probabilistic risk analysis compatible with a game theory approach? 
  • Discussing how adaptive adversaries figure into our mathematical models of predictability... How do we use any of this to figure out path priorities in the enterprise space? 
  • An interesting analogy to the credit scoring systems we all use today 
  • An interesting discussion of 'unknowns' and 'black swans' 
  • Fantastic practical advice for getting this data-science-backed analysis to work for YOUR organization

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