Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Look Papa! I'm on the Loopcast! -- Talking complexity, simulation, black swans, randomness, resilience, and institutional innovation

If you have a spare 1 hr 40 min. *, you might want to listen my interview on the "Loopcast" podcast (below).  The host is Sina Kashefipour (@rejectionking on Twitter).

* Personally, I think I sound better at 1.5X speed, but then again I listen to most podcasts at 1.5X speed.

In this podcast, I reference the following websites and resources:


Monday, May 4, 2020

S4x20 Video: Lessons Learned from Norsk Hydro on Loss Estimation and Cyber Insurance

I gave a talk at S4X20 in January on the Norsk Hydro ransomware attack.  The full video has now been posted on YouTube:

Like all great presentations, it includes a Seinfeld reference :-)