Thursday, May 1, 2014

Splitting this blog and moving to Octopress

I've decided to split this blog to separate my academic posts from my industry posts.  I'm going to be blogging more about my dissertation and related works in progress, and I suspect that most of my industry readers won't be interested and I don't want to dilute my posts on industry topics -- information security, risk, performance metrics, etc.

Google's Blogger has worked well for me, but I've decided to move to Octopress.  I'll spare you all the details of the decision process but here's a post that describes the process and benefits.  I'm also following in the footsteps of others in my community (e.g., Data Driven Security, and Adam Elkus).

The industry blog with be renamed "Meritology Blog" and will have a URL.  The academic blog will be "Exploring Possibility Space" and will have an URL.  I aim to move all the Blogger posts to these so that the archives are available under both.

I'll let you know when this goes live, and hopefully there will be redirection once the move is complete.