Tuesday, March 25, 2014

RAND Report on Innovation in the Cybercrime Ecosystem

This is an excellent report -- well-researched and well-written -- on the growth and development of the cybercrime ecosystem:
Though it's sponsored by Juniper Networks, I don't see any evidence that the analysis or report were slanted.  This report should be useful for people in industry, government, and academia (a rare feat!).

While they do a broad survey of the cybercrime ecosystem, they examine botnets and zero-day exploit markets in detail.  What's important about this report is that it provides a thorough analysis of the innovation capabilities and trajectories in the cybercrime ecosystem.  This is vital to understand to guide investment decisions, architecture decisions, and R&D decisions beyond a 1 year time horizon.

Here's a timeline that documents the growing sophistication and innovation capability:

Black Market timeline (part 1) -- click to enlarge
Black Market timeline (part 2) -- click to enlarge

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