Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Quick links to "Ten Dimensions" resources for #RSAC folks

This post is aimed at folks attending my RSA Conference talk on Wednesday, but could be useful for anyone who wants to catch up on the topics.

My talk is at 10:40am - 11:00am in Moscone West, Room: 2020.  Immediately after the talk, I'll be moving to the "Continuing the Conversation" space in the 2nd floor lobby of Moscone West.  I'll be wearing a black EFF hat, in case you want to pick me out of a crowd.

This is 20 minute talk, so it will only be an introduction to the topics.  My main goal is to stimulate your interest to learn more and to dig into these resources:
Not directly related to the above, but here's the slides for the talk I gave Monday at BSides-SF:
If we don't connect at the conference for some reason, feel free to email me at russell ♁ thomas ❂ meritology ♁ com.  (Earth = dot; Sun = at)

And if you've come this far and you aren't following me on twitter -- @MrMeritology -- what's wrong with you?  Follow, already! ☺

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