Monday, January 13, 2014

Guest on "Data-driven Security Podcast" Ep. 1

I was a guest on the new Data-driven Security Podcast, episode 1.  There's the usual audio and also a video (1 hour 15 minutes).  Along with hosts Bob Rudis and Jay Jacobs, I joined Michael Roytman and  Alex Pinto for a lively conversation about how we all got into the data analysis side of information security and where we see it going.

The podcast and also the web site and blog are associated with a new book with the same title, Data-driven Security, authored by Bob and Jay. I was technical editor, so I can honestly say that I've read the whole book. I heartily recommend it to any information security professional or manager. It is a perfect "on-ramp" into data science and visualization as applied to information security, and it's written in your language.

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