Saturday, August 24, 2013

First Presentation of "Ten Dimensions..." at BSides-LA

I had fun on Friday presenting the "Ten Dimensions of Cyber Security Performance" at BSides-LA.  This is the first time I presented it in a general forum, so I was looking forward to see how it would "fly" and to see what reactions it would get.

On the plus side, several people were pretty excited and I had some great discussions afterward.  Also, I got most of the presentation done in the available time, but I still have more tuning to do.

On the down side, there weren't as many people in my session as I had hoped.  It was one of the last sessions on the last day, so that probably had an impact.  Or maybe the headline or topic wasn't widely interesting.  But the people who were there were interested and engaged, which is what matters most.

But for a first presentation, I felt it was successful.

Here are the slides.  View in full screen mode to enjoy the animations.

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