Monday, July 22, 2013

Call For Speakers: Cybersecurity Innovation Forum Jan 28-30 `14, Baltimore MD. Due 9/3/13

There's a new event that could be very important in to promote innovation in cyber security.
Cybersecurity Innovation Forum, Jan. 28-30, 2014, Baltimore MD
Call for Speakers, submissions due Sept. 3, 2013

There are four tracks, two slanted toward technical solutions and one slanted toward social/organizational solutions, and one mixed (see bold text):
  • Trusted Computing – Trust through device and system integrity 
  • Security Automation – Automate with trust to speed informed decision making 
  • Information Sharing – Openly and confidently share the information we need to share to make informed decisions and enact automated responses 
  • Research – Explore end-state research themes for designed-in security, trustworthy spaces, moving target, and cyber economic incentives.
I'm probably going to submit one or two proposals to the Research track. One might report on "How Bad Is It?" (breach impact estimation) and Ten Dimensions of Cyber Security Performance.  The second might be on the topic of innovative research models to improve industry-academic-government-citizen research collaboration, focusing on metrics, economics, social and organization aspects.

I'd also like to see a proposal from my brothers and sisters from SIRA on the state of the art in risk analysis and opportunities for research collaborations.

It would be great if this conference had good attendance from innovators in academia and industry.  It sure would help their cause if they had a strong cross-sector program committee.  That was one thing the National Cyber Leap Year folks got right.

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