Saturday, June 22, 2013

Let the explorations begin

I think it's time to create a personal blog.  For a few years, I've been blogging at New School of Information Security about information security, especially risk estimation, metrics, and risk management.  I've used Twitter (@MrMeritology) for these and other topics, including various topics related to my PhD program and dissertation.  I'll still blog at NewSchool from time to time, and I will continue to use Twitter for community interaction and resource sharing.

The blog format allows for longer essays and maybe novel content (e.g. interactive animations).  I imagine this blog will be more open in terms of topics and ideas that interest me as I come across them.  I'll also be blogging my progress through my dissertation and my experiences with various tools and methods as I learn them.

The content will be mostly professional, intellectual, and technical, with some occasional philosophy and personal essays.

I won't be blogging personal or family stuff.

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